About Bible Baptist Church

Our church has been a part of the Maplewood community for forty-plus years, yet we are not just another church in the community. Although we have members from the local area, many of our people drive from various parts of St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and the state of Illinois to attend our church, passing by church after church on their way.

A Unique Ministry

Why would they do this? Because they find at Bible Baptist Church a unique ministry with the emphasis being on what a church is supposed to be all about, but so few of our day really are – God, His Word, and His Worship! Our church is an old-fashioned, Baptist Church. It is not that we lack modern and attractive facilities, wear out-of-date clothes or speak archaic English. We are old-fashioned in our Doctrine, Practice, and Attitude toward Christian life. If you are looking for a Christian Sideshow or social entertainment, you will not be happy with our church. If you desire to be told only what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, our church is not for you. However, if you would have the Old Gospel boldly presented, come be with us! We attempt to preach the Gospel as it is to men as they are – totally unable and in need of God’s Grace.

Our Biblical Beliefs

We Have Definite, Biblical Beliefs. We fully accept what the Bible teaches in every area, but we believe it is primarily given to reveal to us the truth about God, Man, and the Way of Salvation. The God of the Bible is the Sovereign Ruler of all things. He didn’t create man because He was lonely or needed us. Man was created to Glorify God, just like the blazing star and the little earth worm. Made in God’s own image, through willful sin, mankind fell into Spiritual Death and was severed from the life of God. This dreadful death touches every faculty of our body, soul, and spirit so that, of himself, man is not able to save himself, help God save him, or prepare himself for salvation. We did not grow up to become sinners – we are sinners who grew up! That’s why salvation must be Totally of God’s Free Grace.

The Gospel

The Gospel is the Good News that before there was a sinner there was a SAVIOR. The Gospel is the good news that Salvation Is Of The LORD; it is not a do-it-yourself kit. All that God demands of sinners He freely gives to sinners. God is not making ten cents on the dollar. He Justly saves by grace alone because Jesus Paid it All in our place! Through faith, our Sins are laid over on Christ, and His Righteousness is laid over on us!