Pastor Tom Henry

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are eager to have you learn about our church and its ministry. Bible Baptist Church is an old fashioned, Bible believing, sovereign grace Baptist church, committed to the teaching and preaching of the historical and biblical doctrines of grace. It is our earnest desire to provide a place where people can enjoy God-centered worship according to the good tradition of our Particular Baptist heritage.

We are an evangelical, Calvinistic Baptist Church. In obedience to the Great Commission (Mark 16:15), we would preach Jesus Christ to every creature. We understand that God has an elect people for sake of whom He has ordained that the Gospel be preached throughout the world, “that”, as Paul put it, “they may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.” (II Tim. 2:10) Therefore, while we passionately teach, preach and witness Christ we at the same time send and support Gospel Missionaries to the regions beyond.

We are committed to expositional preaching of the Word of God. His word alone has the power to save the lost, and edify the saints. Among evangelicals today there is an alarming ignorance of what the Bible says, thus, we place major emphasis on preaching the whole counsel of God, and rightly dividing the word of truth. (Acts 20:27; II Tim. 2:15)

My wife Jeannie and I are wonderfully blessed to have long been a part of this church and its ministry. It is a very special place to us for many reasons. It was here that we first met. It was here that we were married. It was from here that we went forth to prepare for the ministry. Then, in God’s goodness, and in answer to the church’s call, we returned to our home church to serve our Lord in the midst of some of God’s choicest saints. Except for an eight-year pastorate in Monett, MO., it has been our rich privilege to be a part of this ministry throughout our forty six years of marriage. By God’s grace, our beloved church has maintained a steady course, holding forth the word of life.

If you live in this area, or if you are planning to pass through our city, please come and pay us a visit. If this brief overview presents what you might be looking for in a church, we say “come thou with us, and (by God’s grace) we will do thee good.” (Nu. 10:29)

In His grace,

Tom Henry