Senior Pastor Holmes Moore

Welcome To Our Website

We are so glad that you found our new Website! We certainly welcome you to it and hope that you will become a frequent visitor. This is a new Website, although we are not new to the Internet. We had another address for several years, for we have always believed in “reaching out” with our Gospel message.

For over forty five years we broadcast over the radio with “The Latter Times Broadcast,” and “The Sovereign Grace Broadcast,” five or six days a week during all that time. These efforts were greatly blessed by the Lord, for which we are most grateful. Yet, as you know, times have changed in terms of how people gather their knowledge of just about everything. As these changes took place, we have tried to stay apace of the time, in this respect. Thus, we are more and more having a presence on the Internet.

It has been my joy and privilege to serve the Bible Baptist Church as its Pastor for almost fifty years. Come this August, 2013, it will be fifty years indeed. That’s some longer than the average pastoral tenure these days! Over these many years, I’ve lived to witness many changes in the church-life of Christian people and churches. I’m glad to be able to state with conviction that one thing that has not changed is the Gospel itself!

Our church is, by the grace of God, an old fashion, independent, Sovereign Grace Baptist church, holding that the Holy Scriptures are our only infallible source and foundation in all matter of faith and practice. We freely cite several historic Confessions of Faith to demonstrate that what we believe is not novel or new, but we do not hold any of these as infallible or authoritative, in any absolute sense. Our church has its own Articles of Faith that all members agree to in principle, but we firmly believe that the only writings that are foundational and authoritative are the Holy Scriptures!

Furthermore, we believe that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God, both Old and New Testaments. Yet we gladly admit that God’s truth is progressive in its revelation, thus the very fullness of truth was reserved to the ministries of Christ and His Apostles.

Thus we hold to a regenerate church membership, believers’ baptism by immersion, and the Ordinances of Christ as being baptized and the Lord’s Supper. We endeavor to preach and teach all that Christ has commanded His people to do and practice. We believe in soul liberty under God and the priesthood of all believers. We hold, however, that God has established a definite form of church leadership, viz., Pastors (Bishops, or Elders), and Deacons, the qualifications of these being clearly given in 1 Timothy chapter three, and Titus chapter one, etc. According to these standards, such officers are to be chosen by each church and set apart by the laying on of hands.

The primary purpose of such a local, visible church, is the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Christ, the free support of such a ministry, and the spreading of this message through its Missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth. Clearly, the Gospel message is to be given to every creature, according to our gifts, abilities, and our circle of influence.

Theologically, our church clearly stands as an historic, evangelical, Calvinistic and Baptistic assembly. Our policy is to give the truth, as we know and understand it, to all mankind as they are and will receive it, in a spirit of love and gratitude, according to the will of God.

If this statement agrees substantially with your conceptions of God’s truth, we encourage you to attend any of our regular stated services and to freely visit this Website. May our God bless you and yours with increasing knowledge of His truth and will.